For volunteers: Resources and Ideas for volunteers helping dementia caregivers

As part of my work in dementia care, I have created documents and resources that could be of use to other volunteers. I have also put together my observations and ideas regarding areas in which volunteers can help; these include ideas that are small (and easy to do) as well as ideas related to full-fledged projects.

I often get emails from persons who are concerned about the poor levels of dementia awareness in India and the lack of support for caregivers. They want to make a difference, and want me to share what I know and perhaps even join them in their proposed venture.

My own involvement in supporting dementia care is clearly explained on this page: The dementia care work I do. While this work suits my temperament and I do not want to get involved in any project with other volunteers, I openly share my knowledge and ideas. Instead of interacting individually with volunteers who approach me, I have made my knowledge and ideas available as a set of pages on my blog.

Reasons why I set up the pages and the announcement of the section is here: Resources for dementia care volunteers now available online.

The section of pages is available on my blog at the following links. It is intended for volunteers who want to equip themselves to understand and help dementia caregivers in India, and includes discussions on the status of dementia care in India and the impact of culture and context. Currently, it contains the following pages (this may change).

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