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As part of my professional work (consulting in management, quality, process models, and software engineering), I have published a number of books (co-authored with Rajesh Naik). The last four published books are available as Kindle eBooks.

Image forQuiz Book on CMMI – SVC
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Image forQuiz Book on CMMI – DEV
My last few books have been quiz books for the CMMI® and the People CMM®. These are suitable for self-assessment by process/ QA professionals/ HR professionals and model specialists.

These are:

These quiz eBooks are part of a set of products created for CMMI®/ People CMM®. Information on these products can be seen here.

Aligning Ferret

My personal favourite is a business novel, Aligning Ferret: How an Organization Meets Extraordinary Challenges, which centers around concepts of strategy, alignment, and performance management. The story uses a crisis in a fictional organization to explore concepts of strategy and performance management systems for organization-wide alignment. What made it fun to write was creating and depicting a very normal ‘hero’ who faces extraordinary challenges at work even as he struggles for that ever-problematic work-and-home-life balance. No stodgy, preachy stuff here. I’m thrilled to see the book getting good reviews.

This book was fun to write, and hopefully, it is fun to read, too. It was first published as a paperback but is now available as a Kindle eBook at (and on More information on the book, such as concepts covered and suggested resources, can be seen here.

Here’s a list of my other published books (so far), all co-authored with Rajesh Naik.

Currently available books:

  1. SQL for professionals, McGraw-Hill Education: This is a cute little book that’s still selling after 16 years! It is currently in its sixteenth reprint. Read more about it, or buy it at or
  2. Software Requirements and Estimation, McGraw-Hill Education: This one even has a Chinese edition. It is currently on its eleventh reprint. You can read more about it here or buy it from or
  3. ISO 9001: 2000 for Software Organizations, McGraw-Hill Education: Read about it here or buy it from or

Books now obsolete/ out-of-print:

  1. What Every Manager Should Know About Computers, Tata McGraw-Hill. This one did pretty well for itself, but is now discontinued. Just in case you are curious, here’s more about it.
  2. Systems Analysis and Design, Wheeler Publishing, then taken over by S Chand. We believe it no longer exists. Here’s more on it.
  3. Windows 3.1, Wheeler Publishing. The book is obviously obsolete  🙂

®: CMMI and CMM are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

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