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Quick announcement for new ebooks I have published

cover image of ebook aligning ferret

I was updating the site to add details about an ebook I published a few days ago when and realized I had not made any blog entries even about my earlier ebook 🙂 I’ll probably do a detailed entry on related stuff later, but here’s the basic data: In the last few months, I’ve published two Kindle ebooks on Amazon as part of my professional work. Both have been co-authored with Rajesh Naik. My latest book is (Authors and ). It is a Kindle eBook with 3 quizzes on CMMI® – SVC (v1.3), each with 35 questions, and suitable for self-assessment by process/ QA professionals and CMMI specialists and is available at Amazon.com and Amazon.in. This book is part of a set of products created for CMMI® – SVC (v1.3). Information on these products can be seen here. My other ebook, my personal favourite, is a business novel, , which …

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