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About this blog


My main blog for some years has been a rather solemn one where I shared stuff about dementia and caregiving and somber thoughts on identity and ageing; this was an integral part of my life for many years and my identity and day revolved around it. I also had another blog for sharing lighter stuff, but I rarely posted on it and it degenerated into a rarely updated blog where I would share my occasional writing successes.

For some months now, I’ve wanted to blog on topics other than dementia/ care, but I didn’t want to add these entries to my existing blog (which has over 200 posts/ pages) as many visitors reach the blog looking for dementia-specific information and I didn’t want to dilute the focus. I then started a blog hosted on blogger and I was uncomfortable with that platform and so I rarely posted in it (almost forgot it existed, and have finally deleted it). So, finally, I’ve decided to use my site for blogging. I’m not sure what sort of entries I’ll end up posting here, but that’s part of the fun–seeing the shape of things emerge.

I’ll just let things evolve… 🙂